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Men are notorious for putting off a visit to the doctor. But if you’re feeling a little run down, you might want to have your testosterone levels checked. As an urgent care clinic with an onsite lab, Fast Access Healthcare -- with seven locations throughout Chattanooga, Tennessee and the surrounding suburbs -- can get you in and out quickly with results right away. If you’re worried about low testosterone levels, come to one of our clinics to get tested. No appointment is necessary.

Men's Health Q & A

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that’s made in the testicles. It’s responsible for the growth of facial hair, your muscular build, and your deep voice. It also affects your mood and concentration, helps build red blood cells, and assists in keeping your bones healthy and strong.

What causes testosterone levels to fall?

Falling testosterone levels are a normal part of aging and usually starts around the time you turn 40. By the time you turn 50, your testosterone levels may have decreased by as much as 20%.

How do you know if testosterone levels are low?

After age 50 you might start to notice the decrease in your testosterone levels. Common symptoms of low testosterone levels include:

  • Depression
  • Low sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced muscle mass

Some men also experience hot flashes.

Lifestyle and certain medical conditions can lead to a faster decline in your levels, including alcohol abuse, stress, treatment with chemotherapy, hormone medications used to treat prostate cancer, and obesity.

For the doctors at Fast Access Healthcare to get a good picture of your health and provide the best treatment plan, it’s important to share your medical history and health habits honestly.

How do you treat low testosterone?

The doctor may not recommend medication right away. If your testosterone levels are low, the doctors may need to do additional testing to rule out any other health issues before you start hormone treatment.

Testosterone is treated with hormone replacement. These hormones are available in numerous forms, including patches, creams, and oral medications. The doctors at Fast Access Healthcare will work closely with you to determine the method of treatment that works best for you.

Is testosterone treatment safe?

Testosterone treatment is not only safe but effective. The millions of men that undergo treatment report an improvement in energy, mental ability, and sex drive.

If you think that your testosterone levels are on the decline, and it’s affecting your quality of life, call Fast Access Healthcare or book online and schedule an appointment for an examination and to have your levels tested.