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Health Awareness


Top 25 Symptoms Never To Ignore:
1. Chest Pain/Discomfort
2. Shortness of Breath
3. Severe Headaches
4. Abdominal Pain
5. Numbness / Pain in Extremities
6. Changes in Mentation/Mood
7. Blurred Vision
8. Heart Palpitations/ Heart Racing
9. Fatigue/ Loss of Energy
10. Passing Blood in Urine/Stool
11. Abnormal/ Suspicious Skin lesions, Moles, Rashes
12.Chronic Heartburn/ Reflux
13. Swelling in the Extremities
14. Pain in the Legs (Calves) with or without swelling
15. Unusual Bruising or Bleeding
16. Lumps, Bumps – Especially in the Breast, Neck, Axilla (arm pit), and Groin
17. Abnormal/ Irregular Menstrual Cycles/Vaginal Bleeding
18. Unexplained Weight Loss/ Weight Gain
19. Severe Back Pain
20. Loss of Bowel or Bladder control
21. Unexplained Fever, Night Sweats
22. Chronic Cough
23. Passing Out (with or without loss of Consciousness)
24. Snoring and Sleep Disturbance
25. Loss / Changes in Hearing

This List is not all-inclusive. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above or have other concerns regarding your health, you should consult with your healthcare professional immediately. For medical emergencies, CALL 911.

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