Services Overview

Fast Access Healthcare offers a wide range of Comprehensive Primary Healthcare services. From coughs and colds to diabetes and high blood pressure, we serve a wide range of people and medical problems. Our target audience is people. We believe our patients are our clients and we love to serve them. In our clinics, patients find a friendly and warm atmosphere. We provide same day walk-In service, although appointments get priority. From time to time, we get backed up in our schedule as most health facilities do. We work to keep our flow moving as to be respectful of our patient’s time. But, we do want to make it clear that we triage and see the sickest first. We will always take the appropriate time with each patient. We strive to provide each patient with a positive experience. Although we may not conquer every problem within a single visit, we will work to gain the appropriate information so that a tailored healthcare plan can be enacted for each individual patient.
We offer extensive lab services in each office. Currently, we utilize a nationally known reference lab for laboratory services. Although many of our routine tests are offered in the office, we utilize a reference lab to provide a substantial range of testing options for our patients.
Our East Brainerd Location has a new digital radiology suite to serve our patients. With the capability to perform all plain X-ray services, our new radiology program offers fast access to high quality radiology. All of our X-ray services are over-read by a team of radiologists.
We offer extensive ultrasonography services to our patients at most locations. From general to vascular, ultrasound is a non-invasive radiologic service that has a high yield of information. Through this program, we are associated with local cardiovascular specialists in Chattanooga.
We offer in-office surgical procedures for skin lesions involving most parts of the body. The Cryo-pen is a method of freezing skin lesions that need to be destroyed though a non-liquid freezing technique.
We perform simple shave and excisional biopsies of suspicious skin lesions. Once a biopsy is obtained, we then send the specimen for pathological evaluation.
Incision and Drainage
We perform limited incision and drainage (I&D) of abscesses, boils, and infected superficial lesions.
We offer suturing of minor lacerations in the office. We reserve the right to refer wounds of complexity to an appropriate tertiary care center.
Trigger Point Injections
We offer trigger point injections (TPI) as an alternative pain control option. This procedure uses local anesthesia placed in muscle groups via local injection for the purpose of local pain control.
E-stim/Interferential Treatments/ Therapeutic Ultrasound
We offer additional alternative treatments for local pain control. Electrical Stimulation of localized muscle and nerve groups provide additional treatments for pain control.
TENS Units (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator)
Patients who qualify for home treatments with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators can obtain a TENS unit at any of our offices. This is a professional medical grade device and requires a prescription for application and purchase. Placement of a TENS unit in the office depends on your type of insurance and coverage. Please see your specific insurance plan for details.
Braces and Supports
We offer a range of braces and supports to our patients who may require back braces, knee, ankle, and wrist braces.
Joint Injections
We offer additional therapeutic and pain alternative treatments when indicated. Joint injections can be offered to patients, such as shoulders and knees.
Electrocardiograms are routinely offered in each office to evaluate electrical conduction, rhythm, and potential cardiac disturbances.
This is a basic lung capacity test that allows us to evaluate pulmonary performance. All asthma and COPD patients are evaluated to obtain a base line of lung function. Periodically, patients are re-evaluated to assess treatment performance.
Cardiac Holter Monitors
This modality allows us to assess cardiac rhythms and electrical function over a 24 hour period. Whereas EKG’s give us the insight in a short period of time, holter monitors provided much more collective information, especially while at rest.
ONPO (Overnight Pulse Oximetry)
ONPO’s are a test that we order, but outsource. This test is performed at a patient’s home. While wearing this small unit on a finger or wrist, patients who experience breathing problems or significant sleep disturbances can have their oxygen levels evaluated while sleeping.
Non-invasive Allergy Testing (No needles)
The Chattanooga area ranks among one of the highest cities for asthma and allergies. Now, allergy testing can be performed without being stuck with hundreds of needles. Our skin testing is performed by our Allergists onsite. Once the tests are completed, our team will tailor an allergy program to the needs of the patient.
Weight Loss Program
Fast Access offers a medical weight loss program that utilizes mainstream and holistic methods. For patients who have been screened for metabolic syndromes or deficiencies, we provide a program that has realistic plans and goals for patients to apply to daily life. Our program is not a fad or part of the latest medication craze. Rather, we offer medication and methods that yield success. Call today for an appointment or just walk-in at your convenience.
Corporate Flu Clincs
Fast Access Healthcare offers onsite Flu clinics for companies who wish to provide the Influenza Vaccine to their employees. Onsite clinics are offered to companies who schedule a minimum of 30 employees for vaccination. Onsite clinics offer convenience to employees that yield a substantial increase in compliance with vaccination. Corporate pricing discounts are based on contracts and number of employees participating. For more information, call our administrative offices at 423-894-0432.
Corporate Drug Screening
Fast Access Healthcare offers drug screening for companies who require a screen for employment or entrance to a work site. Employees can walk in and receive a drug test Monday through Saturday. Our corporate drug testing can be performed at our facility or onsite with company who establishes a relationship with Fast Access Healthcare. For more information, call our administrative offices at 423-894-0432.
Executive Health Plan
For companies who wish to provide the next level of care to their executives or top management personnel, Fast Access Healthcare offers a concierge level program that is world class. Our executive health exam consists of a detailed history and physical, in-depth blood testing (including cancer markers), peripheral and central cardiovascular evaluation designed to identify major event risk factors, lung capacity evaluation, vitamin and hormone deficiencies, and much more. For more information, call our administrative offices at 423-894-0432.
Onsite Corporate Clinics
Fast Access Healthcare can provide an onsite clinic to companies who are self-insured or for companies who are simply ahead of the curve in corporate health. We can provide a full service clinic (full time or part time) onsite for an individual company or multiple companies sharing space in a central location. Fast Access can tailor a program to fit the needs of a small, medium, or large business. For more information, call our administrative offices at 423-894-0432.
Drug Policy
Even at the risk of poor online reviews and comments, we take a firm stance with our drug policies. Due to the private nature of our business, we are not at liberty to respond to slanderous remarks. Patients who are seeking and/or prescribed controlled substances are subject to drug testing and accountability measures. After an appropriate evaluation and testing, patients requiring continued controlled medications may be required to seek specialized care. Patients who do not adhere to guidelines, recommendations, laws, and accountability measures may be dismissed from the practice.

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