Fast Longterm Relationship

Although we have the ability to see a wide range of patients, we recognize the difference between a primary care facility and an Emergency Room. Issues to which we cannot attend or work-up are worthy of a true Emergency Room. Chattanooga is blessed to have several high quality Emergency Departments available 24 hours a day. We certainly deal with sick patients and outpatient treatments. The relationships we have with our patients give us better insight to our patients’ backgrounds and histories. Because of our relationships with our established patients, we are able to more efficiently assist patients when they need referred to a facility of higher care (ER or Hospital Admission) or when they need referred to a specialist. We have established relationships with area hospitals and a multitude of specialists. Fast Access Healthcare also assists patients with referrals to centers such as Vanderbilt, Emory, Mayo Clinic, etc. Our goal is to assist our patients as far as they need us.

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