Allergy Testing (No Needles)

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Bolen Motorsports traces it roots to the sport of auto racing. From the dirt tracks at formerly, I-20 speedway, in little Batesburg, SC to the high banks of Daytona..... we are committed to providing our partners with a platform that helps grow their business while expanding their market reach and overall company performance.


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Fast Access Healthcare offers a wide range of Comprehensive Primary Healthcare services. From coughs and colds to diabetes and high blood pressure, we serve a wide range of people and medical problems. Our target audience is people. We believe our patients are our clients and we love to serve them. In our clinics, patients find a friendly and warm atmosphere. We provide same day walk-In service, although appointments get priority. From time to time, we get backed up in our schedule as most health facilities do. We work to keep our flow moving as to be respectful of our patient’s time. But, we do want to make it clear that we triage and see the sickest first. We will always take the appropriate time with each patient. We strive to provide each patient with a positive experience. Although we may not conquer every problem within a single visit, we will work to gain the appropriate information so that a tailored healthcare plan can be enacted for each individual patient.

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